Wacom bamboo stylus for Ipad

This is the wacom bamboo stylus for the Ipad. I was able to finally get one of these and review it. As for now it is my favorite stylus for the Ipad. A few things to note about this stylus:

-Very comfortable to hold

-Takes very little pressure for the ipad to detect the pen

-The nib is soft, but feels more like rubber, unlike the sponge like feel the pogo has.

-Excellent weight on it compared to any other pen I have tested.
-Does not have pressure sensitivity. Take in mind it may be wacom but it does not have that option as it is just a pen. We will have to wait for an app to provide that for us or a different style of pen.

-Pen can be customized. You can change the nib out and remove the pen clip if you wanted.

-Pen is about $30 usd on the wacom website.

All In all I really like and recommend this pen. It is soft, easy to use and I do not feel like it is going to scratch my screen at all. It reads you strokes in a variety of angles which is a huge plus if you like to sketch.

If you have any questions just ask.


Program being used: Sketchbook for Ipad
Glove is just a $1 garden glove I cut the finger tips so it fit better for me.

Please watch: "Let's Draw Nick Wilde from Zootopia Step by Step Tutorial on the Ipad Pro"
→ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zw2N9nVRPvI